Health – Governors State University believes that the health and wellness of its employees and their families is a priority, and offers a range of group health Insurance plans and program options through the State of Illinois, to fit their personal needs. Links:Plan Administrators and websites select "State Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP)". For more information, please contact MyBenefits Service Center at 1-844-251-1777.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Services are a component of the health plan in which the member is enrolled. Covered employees also have 24-hour support and access at 1-833-955-3400;

Dental – Employees who are eligible for insurance through GSU are entitled to two teeth cleanings per year. Dental Coverage Delta Dental 1-800-323-1743. 

Vision – One eye exam and spectacle lenses are offered once every 12 months to covered employees and their dependents. Standard frames are offered once every 24 months. Contacts are offered every 12 months. If employees select health and dental, vision coverage is free as a benefit. EyeMed 866 723-0512.

Life Insurance- Status employees working 50% time or above are entitled to their annual salary in life insurance for free. Employees may increase life insurance at any time.This benefit does not have to wait until Benefits Choice during the month of May to make changes.

To increase life insurance,Contact MetLife at 1-844-251-1777.

Flexible Spending Accounts – Employees may save pre-tax for purposes of medical expenses or child care.

Employee Tuition Waiver – Permanent status employees who wish to take courses at Governors State University may enroll in two (2) courses or up to six (6) credit hours, whichever is greater. Civil Service employees may enroll for credit courses at any state public university. Civil Service employees who enroll in courses at state universities in Illinois outside the university, the credit hour maxima and fees which will be waived will be determined by the institution in which such employees enroll.

Dependent Tuition Waiver – In accordance with Public Act 90-0282 tuition waivers for undergraduate education at Illinois public universities shall be made available to eligible children of employees of the public universities who have 7 or more full years of total university employment. Dependents under the age of 25 of eligible employees shall receive a fifty percent (50%) reduction of the tuition for undergraduate education at any Illinois state university named in the Act for a period not to exceed four years. The schools include: University of Illinois, Southern Illinois University, Chicago State University, Eastern Illinois University, Governors State University, Illinois State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, and Western Illinois University.

Bright Start College Savings Plan – Employees may save for college via payroll deduction. Employees may write off a portion of the Illinois tax when filing taxes at the end of the year. Contact Human Resources for more information.

SURS Retirement – State Universities Retirement System is the retirement system. Current pension rules require that all eligible employees, with the exception of sworn police officers, must contribute 8% of their gross income. Contact SURS at: or 1-800 275-7877.

403B Voluntary Retirement Accounts – Under IRS rules and regulations, Employees under age 50 may contribute up to $19,500.00 in 2021 for pre-tax retirement savings. Employees over age 50 may contribute up to $26,000.00 in 2021 for pre-tax retirement savings.

Governors State University’s Board of Trustees has approved four vendors to do business for voluntary retirement savings. They are TIAA-CREF, VALIC, Fidelity, and The Legend Group. Employees may contact the approved vendors directly to open an account. After the account is open, members must complete a Salary Reduction Agreement to start payroll deductions.

457 Plan State of Illinois Deferred Compensation voluntary retirement account-Under IRS rules and regulations, Employees under age 50 may contribute up to $19,500.00 in 2021 for pre-tax retirement savings. Under the Catch-up Provision of the IRS regulations, employees over age 50 may contribute up to $39,000.0 in 2021 for pre-tax retirement savings.

Disability SURS - After 2 years of service in SURS, employees are entitled to apply for SURS Disability after exhausting all sick and vacation time, and the employee has been off of work for 60 days. If approved, SURS Disability pays up to 50% of the two year SURS salary looking back for an average of two years.

Long Term Disability –Status employees may choose this voluntary benefit. This benefit pays up to 66.67% of the employee salary up to age 65. If the employee is awarded SURS Disability, then the benefit will only pay the additional 16.667%.

Holidays – Holidays recognized by the Board shall be New Year’s Day, day before or day after New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, President's Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and day before or day after Christmas Day.

Employees covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement shall be granted paid holidays in accordance with the express terms of that agreement.

Family Medical Leave Act – Allows employees to be off of work for up to twelve weeks in a year for their own serious medical condition, to care for a spouse, child, or parent. It also allows employees to care for injured military members or their dependents for up to 26 weeks. Employees must report to Human Resources with a medical release after a three day absence due to illness.

VESSA – Protects victims of violence and allows up to twelve weeks off of work in a year for employees who are victims of abuse and violent crimes.

Military Duty – An employee who is a member of any reserve component of the United States Armed Forces or of any reserve component of the Illinois National Guard shall be granted leave for any period actively spent in such military service, including: (i) basic training (ii) special or advanced training, whether or not within the State and whether or not voluntary; and (iii) annual training. Benefits during Military leave: The employee’s seniority and other benefits shall continue to accrue. For compensation details refer to (BOT Employees Page 5).