Quick Facts

General Education Requirements:
37 hours
Health Informatics Application: 59 hours
Major and General Electives:
24 hours
Electives: 7 hours
Total: 120 hours
AA, AS, ABA, and ABS can transfer up to 60 credit hours

Full Program Requirements 


What:BSHI Open House
When:Thursday, March 28th, 20204 at 4pm
Where:Webex link, http://govst.webex.com/meet/kegizio

Registration link here: https://apply.govst.edu/register/BSHI032824 

This is a Virtual Open House with Bachelor of Science in Health Infomatics for Perspective Health Informatics undergraduate students. There will be a 30-minute overview from the BSHI Director, Kimberly Egizio, for BSHI applicaiton and admission, degree requirements, Course Ofccering, Health Informatics field experiece.  Followed by a 15-minute overview of why your should choose BSHI at GovState along with a career options and job opportunities, A 15 minute Q&A session will follow.


Technology is revolutionizing the field of healthcare through methods that personalized healthcare experiences. Professionals in health informatics have a critical role in the healthcare field, overseeing the management, processing, dispersal, storage, and security of patient data and information. Governors State’s Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics (BSHI) and Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI) equip students with a foundational knowledge in both healthcare and information technology, while also emphasizing organizational and leadership skills.  

Why Study Health Informatics?

Do you want to bridge the gap between clinical care and IT?

A BS in health informatics qualifies students to work in a burgeoning industry of $4.01 trillion as of 2020. The importance of organized medical data can’t be overstated, especially as the healthcare system relies more heavily on computer systems. Individuals with specialized knowledge in health informatics are paving the way with their unique insight and training.

You Can Help People

If you’re looking for a fulfilling career, you may want to focus on helping people. Every day, you get to see the work you do make an impact. With a health informatics degree, you can support healthcare providers as well as patients. Knowing that your dedication helps people recover and live their best can be invaluable.

You Can Make Healthcare More Efficient

When you’re in charge of administrative tasks, you can see the gaps between physicians’ needs and what they have. Depending on your role, you may upgrade technology, increase communication between staff members, and improve procedures. The result is more efficient healthcare, which benefits everyone involved.

You Can Reach Your Career Goals

As collaboration increases among healthcare providers and physicians, demand for healthcare information technicians is rising in tandem. Employment in the health information field is expected to grow by 15% over the next decade (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Credentials make a difference in your earning potential and competitiveness. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Computer and Information Systems Managers. 2020 Median Pay, $151,150 per year $72.67 per hour, while Medical and Health Managers earned a median salary of $99,730. Job prospects can be best for those with a degree in health information.

For further information regarding possible career paths, please view the AHIMA Career Map for Health Informatics Graduates: https://my.ahima.org/careermap.

Jobs and Salaries You Can Get with a Health Informatics Degree

If you want a long career, healthcare is the field to get into. With a Bachelor of Science in health informatics (BSHI), you’ll be working alongside medical professionals as they save lives and work toward the betterment of communities. There are many roles to fill, with most acting as a bridge between medical experts and the cumulative data they need to make informed decisions for patients. Since the field is still developing, the list below is only a few of the jobs you can get a Bachelor of Science in health informatics, as new roles are sure to emerge alongside advancing technology.

  • Health Informatics Professional – USD 67k per year
  • Clinical Informatics Professional – USD 86k per year
  • Applications Systems Analyst – USD 68k per year
  • Data Analyst – USD 63k per year
  • Clinical Informatics Manager – USD 109k per year
  • Health Information Management (HIM) – USD 58k per year
  • Laboratory Informatics Manager – USD 84k per year

Advanced Career Positions – Average Salary

  • Chief Clinical Informatics Officer – $180,000
  • Director of Clinical Informatics – $128,075
  • Director of HIM – $90,763
  • Clinical Informatics Coordinator – $84,058

Why Choose Us

Located in the southern suburbs of Chicago, IL, Governors State University is a unique institution that supports our students in all areas. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and pride ourselves on a diverse student body. We understand that choosing a university is the first big decision for many students, which is why we try to make it easy by offering a top-tier education, a variety of student activities, and actively supportive staff.

Affordable Tuition

Private schools can be appealing, but they’re often out of reach for many students, especially those with lower incomes. Governors State University is dedicated to bridging the gap with a well-rounded education for an affordable price. We offer various financial assistance to students in need while providing programs that rival the most prestigious schools. 

Private School Benefits

Governors State University is a public school, but it feels like a private university in many ways. For one, our campus community is close-knit, and students take pride in attending. We also offer many types of support for students, including financial, mental health, and career help. Additionally, we provide academic support in the form of tutoring and mentorships.

Faculty Mentorship

Our faculty are invested in helping students reach their full potential. As a step along that journey, many professors offer mentorships to introduce students to their career fields. Each discipline has different programs designed to help students excel and prepare for the future.

Near Chicago

Chicago, IL, is a center for culture, arts, music, and theater. In this bustling city, there are many opportunities to meet new people, get involved in community outreach, participate in politics, and network with organizations for future job prospects. Whether you plan to set down roots or enjoy the Windy City as one step along your journey, Chicago has a lot to offer.

Are you interested in applying to Governors State University?

We’re happy to tell you more about our Chicago, IL, location, the services available to our students, and the wide variety of degrees we offer. For more information, visit us online or give us a call at 708-534-5000. To learn more about how to apply, requirements for graduation, and job outlook, please refer to our BSHI fact sheet

For further information regarding possible career paths, please view the AHIMA Career Map for Health Informatics Graduates: https://my.ahima.org/careermap.

Contact Information

Catina Thomas
Academic Advisor BSHI
Office: C3389
Phone: 708.534.4569
Email: cthomas9@govst.edu

Dr. Ning Lu
Department Chair
Email: nlu@govst.edu


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