The Dual Degree Program is a unique partnership between GSU and 17 Chicagoland community colleges that provides full-time students with an excellent pathway to earn quality, accessible, and affordable associate and bachelor's degrees. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by enrolling in the DDP. Your enrollment in the DDP will not limit transfer options in any way. Students do not have to attend GSU by enrolling in the DDP. If you decide to transfer to GSU, you will have many advantages not available to non-DDP students. It is easy to enroll in the DDP - and it's free!


To qualify for the DDP, you must be a full time community college student who has completed 12-45 credit hours and is in good academic standing at one of our partner community colleges.  Students must complete their associate degree in five or fewer semesters (plus summers) and plan to pursue a bachelor's degree immediately after graduating from their DDP community college.

Click on the name of your community college (below or to the left) to find the name of the Transfer Specialist who can help you decide if the DDP is right for you. 

Students who enroll in the DDP, complete the associate degree at their community college, and transfer to GSU, will be able to take advantage of many program benefits, including the following:

  • Admission to GSU will be guaranteed.  Some academic programs such as nursing, social work, and art, have limited enrollment.  Your Transfer Specialist will explain more about applying to GSU once you are a part of the DDP.
  • Your GSU tuition rate will be locked in when you enroll in the DDP and that rate will be good for two years after you start at GSU as long as you remain eligible to be in the DDP (tuition benefit does not apply to out-of-state or international students).
  • Pell-eligible students with a 2.75 GPA  will have the opportunity to compete for the GSU Promise Scholarship. This scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, academic fees and textbooks which are not covered by Pell and MAP (applicants must be DDP students currently enrolled at their community college).
  • Students with a 3.5 GPA or above will have the opportunity to compete for the Dual Degree Program Honors Scholarship.  This scholarship covers full tuition and academic fees (applicants must be DDP students currently enrolled at their community college).  
  • A DDP Transfer Specialist will give you personalized advising to develop a plan to complete your degrees in the shortest amount of time possible.    

    Click on your community college below to learn more!   





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