What is driver rehabilitation?

Driving and community mobility are linked to personal freedom and independence, playing a vital role in our lives. The ability to drive is key to accessing employment, health care, shopping, and socialization. Driver rehabilitation services involve specialized evaluations, training, and mobility planning to maximize access to those important life functions.

Who needs driver rehabilitation services?

The client base for driver rehabilitation includes individuals with physical disabilities, injuries or surgeries resulting in loss of limbs, strokes and traumatic brain injuries, neurodegenerative disorders, aging older adults, and teens with atypical neurodevelopment.

An assessment of the Chicago Southland demonstrated that many residents have elevated risks for health conditions that could affect driving. Several communities in the region are medically underserved and are also exposed at an elevated rate to social and environmental factors that adversely affect health—making the people of this region much more likely to experience conditions that lead to decreased or impaired driver fitness.

How can we help?

We can help by providing driver evaluation and rehabilitation services and by increasing the number of trained driver rehabilitation specialists. Currently, there are no driver rehabilitation services located in the Chicago Southland, and there is no professional training program in the region to increase the driver rehabilitation workforce.

GovState’s Department of Occupational Therapy is seeking support for the development of a Community-Based Driver Rehabilitation Program to fill these gaps.

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