The College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate minor in Practical and Professional Ethics is offered for students wishing to supplement their study of another major discipline with substantial cross-disciplinary coursework in ethics. 

A minor in Practical and Professional Ethics is suitable for students pursuing any major, but can be especially useful for students majoring in Management and Business; Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Healthcare Administration; Social Work; Communication Studies or Media Studies; Chemistry, Biology, or Environmental Studies; and Criminal Justice, Political Science, or Social Sciences.

Minor Requirements

General Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a minor. In addition, students must contact the advisor regarding the requirements listed below, submit transfer courses to the advisor for approval of the minor by the first week of the intended graduation term, and complete all courses with a “C” grade or better.

Required Courses (3 Hours)

Selectives (12 Hours)

In addition to courses completed toward satisfaction of Requirement II above, students must complete any four of the following courses.

Domain-Specific Application (3 Hours)

Students must complete 3 credits in upper-level domain-specific non-ethics coursework that complements one or more domain-specific ethics courses they have completed from the list of selectives. For example, students who complete MGMT 3099 may take another course in business; students who complete PHIL 3202 may take another course in environmental studies, students who complete COMM 4201 may take another course in communication studies or media studies, etc.

Total - 18 Hours

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Advisor Information

Noreen Heidelberg

Noreen Heidelberg
Academic Advisor
Phone: 708-235-7606
Office Location: C3391


Benjamin Almassi

Benjamin Almassi
Full Professor
Phone: 708-534-4022
Office Location: C3375