The GovState curriculum encourages members of the GovState Honors College community to value integrity, critical thinking, and collaboration. As a student in the Honors College, you are encouraged to approach learning with an inclusive approach that supports the consideration of diverse perspectives. You will be ready to show the world what you can do, not just what you know! You will challenge yourself to become a leader because GovState Honors College is where exceptional leaders learn to lead.

Curriculum Guide

GovState Honors College Curriculum Guide will help you establish a pathway to earn the necessary points to graduate.



Each year students are in the GovState Honors College (HC), they must complete an experimental experience. These experiences are meant to help HC students engage the GSU and South Suburban Communities. These curricular and co-curricular experiences should help foster leadership skills and personal development for the student, university, and global community.

For HC Credit – Complete Experience


Honors courses are meant to provide high-impact, challenging learning experiences that encourage experimental and experiential learning techniques. These courses should take concepts students are working on in the regular curriculum and encourage advanced, enriched level application of these concepts. Honors courses are taught by faculty specifically selected to work with honors students who can help you with your development. Honors courses are worth 1 HC Point for a 1 or 2-unit course; 2 HC points for a 3 or 4-unit course.

For HC Points – Complete course with "C" or better. Submit transcript with final grade.


Honors contracts are designed to allow students to earn HC points in non-honors courses. These can be utilized in major courses, minor courses, or upper-division electives. A course contract involves the completion of a project, research paper, or similar equivalent that is designed to enrich the learning experience occurring in the classroom. These projects may provide opportunities for applying for undergraduate research grants, a presentation at the GovState Student Research Conference, or other regional and national events. Honors Students may complete up to two contracts for honors credit without special permission from the HC dean. Honors courses are worth 1 or 2 HC points each depending on what is agreed to by the student and instructor. Students can earn a maximum of 4 HC points through research activities.

For HC Points – Contract approved by HC dean prior to beginning, contract requirements completed.


Study Abroad

Study abroad opportunities allow students to study abroad in short-term (a few weeks) and long-term (a semester or year) intervals. These programs are either offered directly through GovState or through enrolling in another university’s study abroad program. Students earn 1 HC point for any course completed abroad up to a maximum of 2 HC points.

For HC Points, a study abroad verification form will need to be completed. The form will be available at a later date.


HC Research opportunities encourage honors students to be involved in working on research presented beyond GovState. This can include research students complete in their own classes as well as research students work on with other faculty. Students earn 1 HC point for each paper authorship or presentation they are involved in at a regional level or the National Collegiate Honors Council. Students earn 2 HC points for each paper authorship or presentation they are involved in at a national level, the National Council for Undergraduate Research, or a scholarly journal. Students can earn a maximum of 4 HC points through research activities.

For HC Points – Complete HC Research Verification Form.


Concentrated Areas of Study

GovState Honors College encourages students to go beyond earning a bachelors degree by earning minors, teaching specializations, double majors and dual degrees (e.g., BA and BS). Students earn 1 HC point for completing a minor or teaching specialization and 2 HC points for completing a double major or dual degrees.

For HC Points – Provide a Degree Audit Report with evidence of completion.


HC encourages students to participate in leadership activities across the GovState and South Suburban communities. The GovState Student Leadership Institute is designed to enhance your leadership skills, develop a leadership plan, and team you up with one of GovState’s community leaders to mentor you. You can also practice those skills in being a peer mentor for new freshman GovState Honors College students, as a Student Senator, Honors Student Advisory Board, or in other leadership capacities. Your first leadership experience satisfies your HC Leadership Experience Requirement. Subsequent leadership experiences earn 1 HC point for each leadership opportunity completed. Students can earn a maximum of 2 HC points through leadership activities.

For HC Points – Provide evidence of completing leadership role or program.


Prestigious Scholarships

Scholarships for high achieving students accepted into the GovState Honors College will be made available soon.

For more information regarding the GovState Honors College Scholarships, email Interim Dean Dr. David Rhea at drhea@govst.edu.

Professional Development

The GovState Honors College encourages students to engage in professional development experiences beyond internship. These can include professional shadowing experiences, a professional organization membership, professional conference attendance related to a students’ field of study, student career focused organizations or other professional experiences approved by faculty in your degree of study. One HC point is earned per professional development experience of at least 10 hours in duration. Students can earn a maximum of 2 HC points through professional development experiences.

For HC Points — Provide evidence of involvement in the professional development experience and faculty support that the activity is a professional development experience.