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Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral, Certificates, and Undergraduate Minors.
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No matter what your education goals, GovState has degree and certificate programs that will help you get there.

Find the degree program that excites your interests and ignites your passion at Governors State University. GovState is proud to offer a wide range of programs for every step in your journey. Explore our bachelor's degree programs, master’s degree programs, doctoral programs and more to find the right course to set a course for your future.

Select the level of education you wish to pursue to explore your options. Select each area of expertise that appeals to you and see how you can apply online to get started on your way to a college degree. Request more information about any major or program at GovState to see where you fit in our welcoming community.

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Top Industries Hiring Now

Navigate your career path with a degree program related to an industry that excites you and is in demand. Explore the fastest-growing salaries in popular industries to find an in-demand career. Here is a sample of industries that are expected to have the fastest growing salaries in the coming years:

  • Outpatient care centers
  • Computer systems design
  • Software publishers
  • Healthcare practitioner offices
  • Museums and historical sites

Other industries are expecting to add more jobs in the near future. If you’re looking for an industry with steady growth and a strong hiring market, consider one of these growing industries:

  • Leisure and hospitality
  • Professional and business services
  • Health care
  • Construction

The leisure and hospitality industry has added a significant number of jobs in the recreation, arts, and entertainment areas. These jobs offer you a chance to shine with your performance skills, artistic ambition, or recreational passions.

Professional and business services that are growing include computer systems designs, technical consulting services, and engineering services. Consider a Bachelor of Science in computer science or other related programs to gain the skills necessary to compete in this growing industry.

Health care is an industry that includes a range of essential services and frontline workers. You can train to work in a hospital, outpatient care center, or as part of ambulatory care service. These in-demand jobs are critical to supporting communities across the nation. Consider a GovState program that prepares you for this field, such as a Bachelor of Health Science degree in community health.

Take a leading role in the growing construction industry with a degree in manufacturing management. At GovState, our programs can prepare you to lead teams in many official capacities. Regardless of your background, you can learn the skills and connect with the professionals that can help you create safe, efficient construction sites.

These are just a few industries that are expected to grow in the future. Because no one can truly predict the future, it’s up to you to hone your skills, find your passions, and select a program that will equip you with the resources you need to become successful. Explore new passions or build on previous experiences to prepare yourself for a thriving career in any form. Industries are constantly changing, and career paths may feel unknown, but a degree from GovState can prepare you to participate in multiple fields and find ways to give back to your community.

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Highest Sought After Degrees

If you’re unsure of the industry you wish to enter, or if you’re searching for the best program at GovState to connect you with your chosen profession, explore these highly sought after degrees. Whether you choose a bachelor’s or master's degree, here are some promising majors  for tomorrow’s professional world:

Each of these programs trains you for a critical role in these growing industries. Look to the future and prepare yourself for participation in a field of knowledge and career path that isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon.

Explore the entire list of majors and course catalog to see how you can enjoy a college career focusing on your passions. Explore our complete list of bachelor’s degrees, minors, and certifications to create an education plan that fits your career goals or personal interests.

At Governors State University, you’ll join a diverse and passionate student population in learning and training for future careers and participation in the larger world. Your choice of a college major helps set the tone for your classes and extracurricular activities. Find out how our academics and campus life combine on 750 acres of beautiful prairie just 40 miles south of Chicago.

Each major at GovState offers specialized courses from trained faculty. Our small class sizes give you a private college experience at a public university. From faculty mentorship to our tight-knit student community, you’ll find many ways to connect with passionate individuals in your field and related career paths.

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Selecting your major is an exciting moment in your college experience. Whether applying to an undergraduate program or considering further education, GovState is a dynamic place to prepare for your future. Contact our admissions team for more information about your college major and course choices. Apply now to take the next step toward a quality education at a leading university. Our online application process makes it easy to find out if GovState is the right step for your journey.

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