PLEASE NOTE: If your course was offered on the main campus, you must request a copy of your SEIs from your department/division chair or your Dean's office. The Office of Institutional Research will not have copies.

  • Who receives online SEIs?


    All courses that are set in the system as online, hybrid, or at any of our off-site locations will receive an online SEI using our vendor.

  • What is the average response rate for online SEIs?


    Response rates vary by instructor and there are a number of best practices to improve these rates.  SmartEvals provides an Instructor Development Tool to assist with evaluation development.

  • How do I improve my response rates?


    There are a number of different ways to improve your response rates.  Dedicating time in your class period for your students to complete their SEIs is an obvious one, but sending regular reminders and letting students know that the results are valuable and utilized can have an improvement.  Research states that showing students the changes you have made due to student comments, where they exist, can have a powerful effect on student response. 



  • What other factors can influence response rates and the responses themselves? What about bias?


    Recent research has suggested some bias in results based on gender of students, gender of faculty members, style of instruction, and other factors.  However, systemic changes have not been suggested that would remove all bias. Instead, the literature encourages faculty to get the highest response rate and look at longitudinal results, comparison of grades earned to average feedback, and other proxy measurements to best understand your results.   The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness works with colleges, divisions, and individual faculty members to help explain the results and provide context. It is encouraged that faculty members reach out to their peers, division chairs, deans, and professionals in this field, like the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, when you have questions or concerns about your results and potential bias.

  • What are the standard questions for the online SEIs?


    A sample set of questions can be found here: SEI sample questions.  Faculty members are encouraged to add at least one question to their SEI template each term.  The standard question set has not changed in a number of years to build consistency in the results.

  • I am a faculty member and I need to get copies of prior online SEIs.


    For prior year SEI information please reach out to your department/program chairperson. 

    For instructors:

    1. From the MyEvalCenter homepage select the 'see reports' button.
    2. Select your report option (download report, or custom report typically) 
    3. Use the semester dropdowns to find the class you want and select the class tile to either download or access the custom report.

    If you want aggregate data use the 'survey results' button, and that will take them to the course results page, where they can select the 'see' button to show results and the 'choose' button to select different questions. 

    For department heads:

    From the department head's homepage, you can receive results in a bunch of different ways. 
    You can find results by instructor, department, division, and course title using the left-side menu. 

    By clicking the reports (bar graph) icon you can get a custom report of whatever you selected. 
    The pdf button will bring you to the email pdf screen to send reports. 

    Typically, department heads are going to want to download a lot of reports for this they would select the 'download PDF' wizard from the 'reports' dropdown. 
    Use the dropdowns to filter the reports you want to download; checkmark all reports you want to download and select the 're-generate selected' button. 

    After the page reloads checkmark, all reports you want to download and select the 'download reports' button. 

    You can download all reports as one PDF or checkmark the option to 'use separate PDFs for each report stored in a zip file.' 



  • FACULTY OR ADMINISTRATOR: I lost my login or password.


    To login to your administrator account, go to  

    Your loginID is your GSU employee number.  If your ID number starts with a zero, you may need to try leaving the zero off.  Email if you need a reminder of your password. 

  • STUDENT: I dropped a course, why do I see an evaluation for it?


    If you dropped a course, you should go into the SEI and there is an option to note that you dropped the course.  Our office sets courses based on the last date you can get a full refund, so if you dropped after that date it may still show as a valid course.

  • STUDENT: I missed the deadline, how can I fill out my evaluation?


    Unfortunately our evaluation window is fixed by the university faculty, so we have minimal flexibility in allowing responses after the deadline.  However, send an email to and if we can extend the window for an extra day, we will try to make the accommodation.