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General Education Requirements:
37 – 41 hours
Health Administration: 54 hours
Electives: 25-29 Hours
Total: 120 hours

Full Program Requirements

Earn Your Bachelor of Health Administration Near Chicago

At Governors State University, we are experts at helping students find the degree program that fits their interests. Our health administration degree, certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) is just one example of how we go above and beyond what you'd expect in higher education. AUPHA Certified BHA program is recognized for having withstood the rigors of peer review in which curricula, faculty, and educational outcomes are critically examined by peer review. External stakeholders look at certification as a way to distinguish a program from its peers. Prospective students and their families seek out AUPHA Certification when searching for a program where they will invest in their future. Campus life doesn't just include education in the classroom but enjoying real-world experiences that enrich your learning and understanding from every angle. Student life includes club sports, international student services, on-campus housing and off-campus housing, civic engagement, and multiple recreation opportunities. 

Our staff and administration’s core values at Governors State University are held, and we aim for students to develop them as well. This includes investing in success, serving as an economic catalyst, providing opportunities for higher education, preparing for the future, demonstrating diversity and inclusiveness, and promoting a higher quality of life. With a mission to offer an accessible and exceptional education to every student, it's always beneficial to get your Bachelor of Health Administration degree at Governors State University.

Jobs & Salaries You Can Get With a Health Administration Degree

As you decide on a course for your educational and professional future, you should consider what types of jobs you can get with a Bachelor of Health Administration. Some of your options might be focused on one specific area of management, while others could be focused on the entire realm of healthcare management. For example, one specific health administration focus could include hospital, integrated healthcare system, physician offices, health insurance, consulting, nursing homes h, human resources, home healthcare, or health finance. 

Healthcare Consultants

A healthcare consultant is someone who analyzes information in direct regard to the business of medicine. Consultants work in outpatient surgical centers, private practices, and hospitals. Some of the issues healthcare consultants are tasked with are increasing profits, creating more efficient operations, and improving patients’ satisfaction. These professionals make $97,000 on average.

Hospital Managers

Hospital management have perhaps the most responsibility for careers you can get with a health administration degree. It takes ownership of program development, the facility’s financial health, patient outcomes, and compliance with regulations. CEOs of hospitals are the face of the hospital. On average, hospital CEOs can make around $154,000.

Clinical Practice Managers

A clinical practice manager could manage one facility or multiple facilities. Some of the responsibilities of a clinical practice manager include handling operations, accounting, and human resources. Some clinical practices where these professionals are hired are veterinary practices, long-term care facilities, and typical medical practices. These professionals are paid based on the breadth of their job, but many earn $114,500 on average.

Informatics Managers

Informatics is the practice of overseeing clinical information systems at different healthcare facilities. Because electronic medical records have been adopted quite mainly in the healthcare industry, informatics managers are required to train staff, create and track budgets, monitor systems to ensure compliance, keep track of patient privacy, and ensure all records are easily accessible. Informatics managers make $105,000 on average.

Nursing Care Managers

Most nursing care management started with nurses deciding to pursue a healthcare management position with a healthcare administration degree. A nurse who has a history of excellent patient care and excellent at managing healthcare systems and settings is a good candidate for this type of position. Nursing directors typically make around $95,000.

Chief Nursing Officers

A chief nursing officer typically rises through the ranks, beginning as registered nurses and making their way into administrative roles. A master's degree is often required to obtain this job, and the average salary is $233,000.

Choosing Governors State University for Your Health Administration Education

When you choose Governors State University for your education, you are choosing to be educated by excellent professors who put the needs of their students first. Some other reasons to choose us for your education include: 

  • A flexible schedule - Since our very beginning days as a university, we have worked to offer students the classes during the evening hours and some online s that fit their work schedules best. We know everyone studying health administration isn't a typical college student, and we offer evening schedule to coordinate with your busy work.
  • A convenient location - Governors State University is in the center of Chicago's Southland, we're close to the Metra station and have a shuttle bus. PACE buses also stop at our campus.
  • A safe place - Rated among all public university campuses in Illinois and northwest Indiana, GovState is the number one safest. We are committed to helping our students feel welcome, with programs in place that encourage acceptance and safety.

Interview with the BHA Program Director:


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At Governors State University, we want to help you obtain a health administration degree. Contact the health administration department at 708-534-4388 to learn more about the program, or call enrollment management at 708-235-6811 to determine what you need to do to get enrolled in classes today.

For more information about our program, download the BHA fact sheet! 

Reach Your Career Goals

Health Administration employment rate is expected to grow 20% faster than the average employment rate. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, the median pay for a medical and health service manager was $99,730/year. Top places of employment include hospitals, government, outpatient care centers, offices of physicians, nursing, and residential care facilities. 

Full Certification:

The Health Administration major is fully certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration.


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Natalia Rekhter, PhD, MHSA
Associate Professor and BHA Program Director

Office: G-182

Pamela Penn, M.A., Undergraduate Academic Advisor – BHA
Office: G184

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