The Bachelor of Health Administration is a dynamic educational experience that enables healthcare professionals and any person interested in healthcare field to obtain knowledge and skills necessary to make a significant impact in his/her organizations and in other people’s lives. Program is offered in a flexible, hybrid format that allows students to combine their undergraduate study with family and professional responsibilities

Bachelor of Health Administration    

The mission of the Bachelor of Health Administration Program (BHA) is to prepare a diverse student population with knowledge, skills, and values to work in entry-level management positions in various healthcare originations or to pursue the graduate education in health administration, health policy, health law, health services research, and other health-related fields.

The Program focuses on preparing students who traditionally have been under-served by higher education to serve in public, private and federal healthcare settings including hospitals, integrated delivery systems, medical groups, long-term care facilities, and insurance providers.

What can you expect from being a student of Health Administration program?

  • You will acquire skills necessary for non-clinical careers in health care
  • You will gain a strong foundation in health care management and current policies
  • You will be taught by highly qualified faculty with years of industry experience.  Governors State University has nationally recognized faculty for their teaching and research experiences.. 
  • You will study along with peers who could share decades of professional experience and enrich your classroom learning with practical health care example.
  • You will participate in a strong Practicum program.  The undergraduate Practicum offers Health Administration students an opportunity to work side by side with the healthcare administrators, to gain valuable experiences in different health care settings, and to identify career prospects.  
  • You can be seamlessly admitted into Governors State University Master of Health Administration program.


 What is expected from a student of Health Administration program?  

  • Respect your faculty and your peers
  • Adhere to the highest standards of professional behavior and honesty
  •  Demonstrate intellectual curiosity]
  •  Show dedication to your studies and to your professional success.