Quick Facts

General Education Requirements: 37 – 38 hours
Program Requirements: 51 hours
Applied Science Courses (transferred from community college): 24 hours
Electives: 7 – 8 hours
Total: 120 hours

Full Program Requirements

Earn Your Degree in Business and Applied Science Near Chicago

Students with an associate degree in applied science can integrate their technical background to their business savvy with Governors State’s Bachelor of Arts in Business and Applied Science. This flexible program, offered 100% online with the option to take on-campus courses, equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to take a leadership role or start a business of their own.

Why Study Business and Applied Science?

Unlike a traditional BA in a business program, the Bachelor of Arts in Business and Applied Science is designed to give you the real-world skills and applicable knowledge you need in daily business operations. Take on tasks in marketing, finance, human resources, and other business areas with the critical knowledge it takes to get the job done. A business and applied science program uses theoretical knowledge to support real-world applications.

This program is a popular step beyond an associate degree in applied science. Expand on your existing knowledge and hone your passions to prepare for a position in a new company, a much-deserved promotion, or other career change. Adding business courses to your existing applied science coursework allows you to improve your position in your company or seek out new positions in related companies.

The diverse nature of business courses allows you to change tracks in your career journey. If finance, management, marketing, or other areas don’t fit your passions, select electives that guide you toward a new specialization. Broad business and finance knowledge from general coursework gives you the options you need to survey the business world and find the role suited to your interests.

If you already have a busy career, you can’t afford to take a traditional business program. This degree program from GSU is offered fully online, so you can enjoy a flexible class schedule and location. Fit studying and coursework in between work hours or other busy life commitments to keep your career moving forward with minimal disruption. Move ahead in your career by improving your training without missing years of work.

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Reach Your Career Goals

The addition—or expansion—of business skills such as accounting, business law, human resource management, marketing, and management, will allow you to take on leadership roles in a wide range of occupations and fields in highly versatile and in-demand career paths.

GSU prepares you to reach your career goals through dedicated faculty support, a broad range of coursework options, and essential business skills. This course prepares you to start immediately in an entry- or mid-level role in business management, marketing, accounting, or other areas.

A Bachelor of Arts in business and applied science from GSU includes exciting internship and mentorship opportunities. Work closely with experienced faculty members to answer questions, explore skill sets, and find opportunities to gain real-world experience before graduation. An internship might include working with a company based in nearby Chicago. Mentorships can include personal meetings with faculty in your chosen area of expertise.

Not sure your specialization? Keep a general track with courses in many aspects of business. Prepare for a changing career by broadening your base of knowledge and gaining real-world experience in various levels of business. This allows you to easily move into management in a different area or change specialties with confidence.

With an AASB accreditation and dynamic business courses in a range of specializations, our business program is the perfect capstone to your applied science associates program. Build on existing skills to hone your focus. Broaden your base knowledge with additional courses in areas of business related to your passion.

Jobs and Salaries You Can Get with a Business and Applied Science Degree

One of the greatest benefits of a business and applied science BA degree from GSU is the range of possible careers it opens for you. Here are some example business and finance occupations available to you upon completion of our bachelor’s program:

  • Accountant or Auditor
  • Sales Representative 
  • Business Manager 
  • Financial Examiner 
  • Loan Officer 
  • Budget Analyst 
  • Cost Estimator 

Median annual wages for all business and financial occupations were $69,820 in 2019. For management positions, the annual wage was $105,660. Whether crafting complex financial reports or leading an experienced team of business professionals, the courses and mentorships you receive at GSU can help you succeed in a competitive business environment. 

The daily tasks you may perform can vary considerably. Participate in a leading company as a finance professional, connect with customers as a sales representative, or lead a marketing team to develop new ways to promote your brand. Entrepreneurial courses help you navigate the exciting world of business startups. Craft a business plan, propose your dreams and goals to investors, and bring a team together to be your own boss. Courses in business law, management, and entrepreneurship give you the support you need to make your entrepreneurial dreams become a reality.

Embark on a course to better your future with a business and applied science degree. Whether you’re pursuing a management position, changing careers, or preparing to launch a new business opportunity, a BA in business and applied science gives you the resources you need. Explore the program requirements, career goals, and salary prospects of students who enter this exciting program at Governors State University.

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GSU is committed to quality education for all students. Our stunning location south of Chicago, affordable tuition, online programs, and dedicated faculty set our program apart. We work with you to create a training and education program that fits your busy schedule, career ambitions, and learning style.

Take the next step in your career at GSU. Apply today to find out how a BA in business and applied science can expand and refine your associate training and help you move toward your dream career. Participate in campus activities, explore exciting elective courses, and meet the faculty who will guide you through your journey toward a career in business.

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Undergraduate Academic Advising Center (UAAC) (for transfer credit guidance, etc.)
Office: C3385

John Simon
Program Coordinator
Office: G291

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