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GSU College of Business faculty are leaders in their fields, sharing their expertise in the classroom and with national and local media outlets, serving their professional communities, and publishing research in some of the top journals in their disciplines including The Accounting Review, Academy of Management Review, Management Science, Journal of Finance, Production and Operations Management, and Harvard Business Review.

2023 COB Faculty Awards

  • Dr. Katherine Carl - COB Outstanding Performance Award
  • Dr. Tingting (Tina) He - Teaching Award
  • Dr. Chevonne Alston - Research Award
  • Dr. Katherine Carl - Service Award

2022 COB Faculty Awards

  • Dr. Hyunkyu (Sean) Jang - COB Outstanding Performance Award
  • Mr. Michael Trendell - Teaching Award
  • Dr. Sebastien Mary - Research Award
  • Dr. Tricia Kerns - Service Award

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Faculty Research Publications




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