Student Safety is our primary concern. Prairie Place has a number of policies and procedures in place to enhance the security of our residents.

Prairie Place will be staffed by trained professionals and para-professionals available to respond to students’ needs. 

Entry into the building and through the doors leading to student living areas will be via electronic card access. Student living areas will be secured 24/7. Visitors must be escorted by a building resident at all times.

Fire safety is of paramount importance. Fire extinguishers are placed strategically throughout the building; the building is fully sprinklered and smoke detectors are installed in the sleeping rooms and hallways throughout the building. There are policies in place addressing permitted and prohibited appliances, electrical cords, etc.

Security cameras and emergency telephones will be located in and around Prairie Place.

In the event of a campus or building emergency, students will receive messages through the Regroup Emergency Notification System. The system will use students' current directory information to alert them of any emergency.