Step into the world of game design and see what our students are creating in the Game Design minor. This showcase is all about the hard work and creativity of our students, who are learning to use 3-D computer animation in game development and simulations. This page is a window into their projects. Each piece here shows just how much skill and imagination our students put into merging technology with art. Take a look at their projects and see how they're shaping the future of game design and digital media.

Student Gallery


Doing The Distance by Nicholas De Nova of FA22


Archer by Matthew Brennan of SU21


The Tower by Daniel Connelly of SP23


Space-Stronaut 64 by Rasha Moadi of FA23


Tunnel Depths by Breion Hill of FA23


Train Dash by Emily Pointon of SP20


Lost Gifts by Rodney Ponton of FA20


Donut Quest by Jackson Endicott of SP22


Adventures of the Night by Sylvia Dones of SP20


Cuphead by Alexander Mullinax of SP22


Asteroid Dodger by Josafat Quintas of FA20


A Day in the Life of a Knight by Edward Olszewski of SP20


Adventure Bunny by Ashley Bopp & Nathan Eagle of FA19


Robo Rampage by Michael Villanueva of FA18


Chicken Trouble by Alessandra Lasane of SP19


Meteor Blast by Vanessa Martinez of FA21


Dragon Adventure by Jesus Salazar of SP22


Cave Climber by Carl Berignani of SP21