In 2009 the Internet crime complaint center received 336,655 complaints, a 22.3 percent increase over 2008. The vast majority of cases contained elements of fraud and financial loss to cybercrime victims. Source: "2009 Annual Report,"Internet Crime Complaint Center 

Growing Need
To address the increasing threat from cybercrime, digital forensics is necessary and important. Law enforcement and government agencies, organizations and companies all need digital forensics professionals to better protect digital assets and to investigate cybercrime.

Outstanding Preparation
The Digital Forensics certificate at Governors State University provides you with theoretical and practical knowledge in digital forensics, one of the fastest growing branches of computer security. As a digital forensics investigator, you will specialize in recovering, analyzing and presenting data from computers for use in investigations or as evidence. You will determine the details of intrusions into computer systems, recover data from encrypted or erased files and recover emails and deleted passwords.

This certificate is open to both upper-division undergraduate and graduate students.

Both full-time and part-time students are eligible to enroll in this certificate program. The certificate program includes four required classes and a computer science workshop in digital forensics. Two courses are offered each semester. You should be able to complete all the required courses within two semesters of fulfilling the prerequisite.

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Admission, Certificate and Graduation Requirements

Admission Requirements

Students must meet the university requirements for graduate certificate admission.

While there are no specific courses required for admission into this certificate program, there may be prerequisite courses based off of the GSU catalog in place at the time of admission.

Certificate Requirements

In order to receive the Digital Forensics Certificate students must complete each required course with a grade of "B" or better and submit the application for award of certificate to their faculty advisor.

Total - 24 Hours

Admission, Certificate and Graduation Requirements

Advisor Information

Paula McMullen
Academic Advisor
Office Location: F2601
708-235-2221 ext 2221