Quick Facts

General Education Requirements:
37 – 38 hours
BA Business Administration Requirements: 51-52 hours
Concentration Requirements: 15 hours
Electives: 15-17 hours
Total: 120 hours

Full Program Requirements

Earn your Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration

This broad outlook of the business world equips you with the resources you need to be flexible in your career. The modern business world is constantly changing, so prepare for any career move with the local, national, and global skills that allow you to continue to thrive. The current business world continues to adapt and evolve, so you need a skill set that prepares you for success in an unknown future.

These skills include data analysis, professional communication, financial planning, business organization, and employee training. Explore the various career positions you may be qualified for to see how this thorough base of skills can be applied to multiple positions across leading companies.

Administrators and managers in the world of business rely on foundational industry knowledge to lead. Governors State University's Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration prepares you to enter the rapidly evolving field of business at both the local and global levels.

After choosing your specialization, you’ll find courses that sharpen your understanding of this specific concentration in the business world. You can also enjoy a broad base of business knowledge and dedicated mentorships with professors for a diverse understanding of the many positions you may be qualified for with a business administration degree from GSU.

While all Business Administration students are equipped with skills in accounting, business law, technology, and finance, you will also become specialized in your choice of one of seven concentrations: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, or Operations and Supply Chain Management.

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Reach Your Career Goals

A Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration prepares you for a range of professional roles. The versatility of a business degree is one of its greatest assets—students are employed in a wide range of positions and typically experience great salary growth from entry- to mid-career. Demand for business professionals is also growing, according to data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which anticipates a 10% employment growth in business and financial occupations. Here are just a few example careers you can pursue with this bachelor’s degree:

  • Accounting Manager
  • Contract Administrator
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Financial Analyst
  • Office Manager or Consultant
  • Sales Manager
  • Market Research Analyst

As an administrator, manager, consultant, or analyst, you’ll prepare your team and your company for a better future. Implement your business knowledge and hands-on experience from GSU to inefficiencies and other issues in your business. Improve efficiency, increase communication, and streamline operations to improve customer satisfaction and the bottom line of your new company.

The business administration program allows students to move ahead in their careers and manage teams in various professional settings. Specialize in marketing, human resources, supply chain, or finance to move forward in these diverse areas and head a team or entire department. Our bachelor’s program is a great way to climb the ladder in your current company or to enter a new company as a vital manager of a team.

Looking for a more entrepreneurial path? Choose our Entrepreneurship concentration and devote your energies to launching a startup. Join a tight-knit team or lift your own project off the ground. As an entrepreneur with a BA in business administration, you can be your own boss, choose your own hours, and navigate the startup world with confidence thanks to the resources and experiences you gained at GSU.

Ready to Jumpstart Your Profession?

GSU’s five-year MBA offers a chance to obtain your undergraduate and graduate degree in less time and with even greater earning potential.

An MBA is an excellent opportunity to continue to grow in your field. If your goals include managing entire departments or becoming a CEO in your own company, an MBA program in business administration gives you an excellent boost. Increase your earning potential and jumpstart a stagnant career with additional training, expert advice, and hands-on experience in this five-year program. An MBA is an excellent stepping stone after your BA program, so ask your admissions team for more information.

Work with your professors to accelerate your career. Dedicated mentorships, internship opportunities, and other special projects set you apart during your college experience. Work closely with faculty thanks to the small, intimate experience of GSU. Whether in classes, one-on-one meetings, or special events, you can get to know your professors and receive instruction tailored to your passions and career course.

Advance in your career or launch a successful career with a business administration degree from Governors State University. At GSU, you’ll work with professors with experience in their field and a passion for student success. Explore the benefits of studying business administration in Chicago’s Southland and review the full program requirements before applying for a position in this program.

Jobs & Salaries You Can Get With a Business Administration Degree

One of the greatest advantages of a degree from GSU is the flexibility you can enjoy. A business administration degree prepares you for a career as an administrative services manager. Still, you can also use this program to launch a startup, change careers, become a consultant, or take the next step to become a CEO.

The salary expectations of a successful graduate with this degree vary depending on concentration, previous experience, and career goals. Here are the median annual salaries for various types of managers:

    • Administrative Services Manager: $96,940  
    • Marketing Manager: $135,900  
    • Information Systems Manager: $146,360  
    • Human Resources Manager: $116,720  
    • Public Relations Manager: $116,180

    With the right skills, experience, and training, you can reach these average salaries or move on to even higher compensation for your services. A manager in a corporation is responsible for handling a range of problems and successfully motivating employees in various tasks. Your specific role and daily tasks can vary considerably, but training at GSU in your chosen concentration can give you the confident foundation you need to thrive in your chosen environment. 

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    Why Choose GSU

    Welcome to a public university with a private college experience. Located conveniently close to Chicago, GSU offers the real-world connections and talented professors that can help you move forward in your career. Explore our AASB-accredited BA in Business Administration program and find the courses that spark your interest and ignite your passions. Apply today to prepare for a personalized course, passionate professors, and jumpstart your career.

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    Dr. Olu Ijose
    Division Chair, Division of Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship
    Office: G297

    Undergraduate Academic Advising Center (UAAC)
    Office: C3385

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