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General Education Requirements:
38 – 41 hours
Foundation Courses: 3 - 6 hours
Required Courses:
30 hours
Advanced Electives: 27 hours
Electives: 16 - 23 hours
Total: 120 hours

Full Program Requirements

Get Your Degree in Computer Science Near Chicago

A computer science degree from Governor State University prepares you for jobs in nearly every major industry. This program prepares you for an exciting career that blends analytical, creative, and problem-solving skills using the latest technology. Explore our available classes and potential jobs and salaries to see if our program in Chicago’s Southland is right for you.

Why Study Computer Science?

From everyday appliances with artificial intelligence to targeted marketing helping fulfill both consumer and organizational needs, technology has crept into nearly every industry. Governors State’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science  prepares students for constant advancements in technology through a balanced study in both theory and application. Graduates enter careers with the most up-to-date knowledge and the ability to expect and adapt to new and evolving aspects of computer programming, design, and defense.

Careers in computer science are in high demand in many industries. Whether you’re looking for a remote position, a career in a major company, or an education position in computer science, our degree can offer you the skills you need to start your journey. Due to the ever-evolving nature of computer technology, our coursework will prepare you with a theoretically sound base to learn and apply new skills.

Computer science is a diverse field, but some essential skills will serve you well in most positions. A solid skill base helps to stay ahead of technological advances and gives you confidence in continuing education on the job or through postgraduate courses. As part of our theoretical background approach to computer science education, we focus on classes that prepare students with these skills:

  • Math skills
  • Knowledge of current computer technology
  • Problem-solving systems and approaches
  • Attention to details
  • Desire to continue to learn new skills
  • Skills to work on real life projects and data

These skills and practices will serve you well as the industry develops innovative technologies and job descriptions change. Many of these computer science positions have changed remarkably or only come into existence in the past few decades, so you need a degree that prepares you for this unknown and exciting future. From everyday appliances with artificial intelligence to targeted marketing help fulfill both consumer and organizational needs, technology has crept into nearly every industry.  

Reach Your Career Goals

Career opportunities in computer science range widely: from the highly creative design fields in artificial intelligence and virtual reality to the more pragmatic world of cybersecurity. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for computer scientists is growing as almost as quickly as the field’s evolution—23% over the next decade.

Apply to our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program to learn the skills you need to keep moving forward in this growing industry. Computer Science positions can be highly competitive, so the hands-on experience, theoretical background, and professional references you’ll receive at Governors State University may be just what you need to land your dream job or take another step in your career.

Coursework includes a focus on computer organization and common operating systems. You’ll also explore programming and database systems. At the end of the program, you’ll have the working knowledge and theoretical background necessary to start as a software engineer, computer programmer, or other position you desire.

Advanced elective courses allow you to specialize in a particular area of computer science. Here are some examples of advanced elective courses you can take at GovState: 

  • Computer Systems
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Animation
  • Game Design
  • Web/Mobile applications
  • Database Systems
  • Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data

The available courses and advanced elective courses may change from year to year, so explore the current catalog and discuss your passions with your advisor to learn more about your Governors State University opportunities. Thanks to our small class sizes and committed advisors, you have many opportunities to explore your areas of interest. A balanced education provides a broad framework and many specialized skills to help you enter the professional work of computer science.

Upon completion of this program, you’ll have many options available. Many students enter their careers and work their way up through a company to reach their ideal position. Other students launch their own businesses and market their computer science skills on the open market. Still, others pursue advanced degrees in computer science, software engineering, or related fields. A professional degree is typically required for research-based positions or teaching computer science at the university level.

Jobs and Salaries You Can Get With a Computer Science Degree

Use your skills and resources to launch a career in computer science. These are just a few of the most common jobs and average salaries in 2022 available with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from GovState:

  • • Computer and Information Systems Managers: $164,070
  • • Computer programmer: $97,800
  • • Software developer: $124,200
  • • Web developer: $80,730
  • • Computer systems analyst: $102,240
  • • Mechanical engineer: $96,310

These average salaries are typically higher than entry-level salaries but offer an example of the potential income available to successful computer science graduates from Governors State University. Some positions require additional education, so work with your advisor to determine the best steps to take for one of these positions.

The common feature of all of these positions is the skills you learn at GovState. We offer you the building blocks you need to train to become a programmer, developer, analyst, engineer, or other related position. Start with your passions, and your advisor can help guide you to a role that suits your personality and skill set.

Start Your Application Today

Governors State University is committed to providing quality education in a welcoming community environment. Our extensive campus offers both recreational and community opportunities. Chicago is just 40 miles north of our campus, with plenty of internship opportunities for students desiring to connect with the broader professional world.

Ready to join a thriving community in Chicago’s Southland? Apply now to prepare for a BS in Computer Science course at Governors State University. Our small campus offers intimate learning experiences and one-on-one training with talented professors. Our proximity to Chicago allows you to learn from leading tech companies in your related field.

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