There have been incidents where students have been contacted by fraudulent employers who claim they received your contact information from the Career Center.  Once trust is established, these employers send you a fake check to deposit and then request you send them a money wire for processing fees. 

Please be aware any person asking for applicants to deposit checks into their bank account, or request that money be transferred to their organization is not authentic and is a malicious attempt at monetary fraud.  Do not engage in any monetary transaction or provide any personal information. Please know we would never forward your information to an employer without your consent. 

Sadly, email spam, phishing and such is quite common world-wide and is difficult to prevent.  We recommend using precaution whenever asked to provide personal or financial information to an unknown source.  In addition, the Information Technology Services Department at GSU has been informed of the issue and has provided helpful links for students to use to better understand the dangers and “red flags” regarding malicious email. 

We believe this could be a result of a couple of fraudulent employers who gained access to our vendors’ Jobs for Jaguars database in recent months in order to gain trust and attempt monetary fraud.  We urge you to exercise caution and common sense, and please remain on the lookout for scammers.  We have implemented a new verification process with the hopes of eliminating this from happening again in the future, but that will not stop attempts from those who are attempting to commit monetary fraud.

Email scam resources can be found in the links below for your reference: