Quick Facts

General Education Requirements: 37-38 hours
Advanced Manufacturing Requirements: 26-27 hours
Business Core Courses: 39 hours
Specialization Course: 15 hours
Capstone: 3 hours
Total: 121 hours 

Full Program Requirements

Why Study Manufacturing Management?

When it comes to quality higher education, Governors State University is committed to preparing students for graduation and success in the real world. Our in-depth studies help students pursuing a manufacturing management degree succeed with all the requirements necessary in the industry. Our mission is to offer an exceptional educational experience, giving students the skills, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in society.

At Governors State University, our core values include investing in student success, promoting a high quality of education, providing access to opportunities, demonstrating inclusiveness, serving as economic catalysts, and preparing stewards of the future. When students are educated by professionals who place these items as top priorities, they end up with the same values as they go throughout life. Manufacturing management is a career in an industry that could benefit from these values.


Students with an associate degree in manufacturing management can advance their knowledge and skills through Governors State’s Bachelor of Arts in Manufacturing Management, which is offered 100% online with the option to take on-campus courses. Specialized courses in topics such as Lean Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management provide a strong foundation in real-world applications. 

Reach Your Career Goals

The typical entry-level education for manufacturing managers is a bachelor’s degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The corresponding return on investment (ROI) for your undergraduate degree is high: the median salary in the field is $100,580.

Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor of Arts in Manufacturing Management

You might be wondering what jobs you can get with a bachelor of arts in manufacturing management. Upon graduation, you will have several opportunities to make a significant salary with this degree. Some of your career options could include the following.

Quality Assurance Engineer

As a quality assurance engineer, you would generally be tasked with creating tests as a way to find problems before a particular product is launched. Attention to detail is a skill you must have, and you would likely need to manage tools, report results, and motivate improvements. Quality assurance engineers generally work in an office with a team of professionals with similar degrees, and they make on average $70,964 per year.

Business Manager Over Logistics

Overseeing the logistics of a company is a huge responsibility that encompasses inventory, distribution, and transportation tasks. Someone in this position would likely oversee the planning and execution of business deliveries with an effort to keep transportation always running on time. Employee schedules and assignments would likely be managed by a business manager over logistics, and this position would also include writing and tracking invoices. On average, business managers over logistics earn a salary of $71,607 per year.

Supply Chain Planner

A supply chain planner is an essential player in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, and pharmaceuticals. Most of these professionals work in an office with regular hours, but overtime is often required. Supply chain planners are responsible for overseeing the acquiring of materials and supplies that a company needs, ensuring it is quick, efficient, and on budget. If things aren't running smoothly, a supply chain planner might suggest and look into changing suppliers or transportation methods to better streamline the process. These professionals make an average of $65,337 per year.

Purchasing Agent and Warehouse Manager

Someone who secures a job as a purchasing agent will typically be required to oversee the buying of products and services for a particular company. That company would either use or resell the products. Purchasing agents are responsible for evaluating suppliers, managing vendor relationships, reviewing product quality, and negotiating contracts to ensure the best price possible for the company. On average, purchasing agents earn a salary of $66,610 per year.

First-Line Supervisor

As a first-line supervisor, it would be your job to oversee and coordinate production and operation activities and workers. This could include precision workers, inspectors, assemblers, fabricators, machine setters, plant operators, and similar professionals. The average salary of a first-line supervisor is around $62,660 per year.

Manufacturing Manager

A manufacturing manager ensures goals relating to performance, volume, and quality are met within a production process. The manager would likely be required to plan, schedule, and manage the process, also assisting with how the flow of the process would work with the current layout. When changes need to be made, the manufacturing manager would suggest a better flow to improve quality or overall performance. Manufacturing managers oversee other staff members in their day-to-day responsibilities. On average, these professionals make a salary of $122,815.

Benefits of Pursuing a Degree at Governors State University

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Manufacturing Management at Governors State University gives you ample opportunities to make a difference in your community. We realize your success during your higher education experience will directly impact your success as a professional, and that's why we put an emphasis on quality. Focusing on innovation, responsibility, and diversity, our students are given the best experience for higher education in the area. With strong core values:


  • We show our students and community members what it looks like to celebrate diversity and focus on the differences that make our community unique.
  • We encourage students and to fulfill personal, professional, cultural, and civic duties.
  • We get out into the community to provide service and promote awareness, encouraging our students to do the same.
  • We prepare our students as leaders and individuals who will make a difference in their communities and the world.
  • We offer a first-class education to every student.
  • We work with each student on personal and professional goals, helping them realize and accomplish what they set out to do.

Contact Us to Discuss Admissions

If you're interested in pursuing a BA in manufacturing management, Governors State University offers a diverse experience with students and staff committed to quality learning. Contact our admissions office today at 708-534-4490 to discuss what you need to do to complete admissions to our university.

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