The MHA Program at GovState is a competency-based education that follows from its mission, vision, and values. The competency model has six domains and a total of 22 competencies that students are prepared for. In addition to meeting all university requirements for a master’s degree, MHA students must meet the following requirements:

1. Complete the self-assessment three times throughout your MHA degree study in addition to the self-assessment against each course - Student Self-Rating. The three times of self-assessments include 1) Pre-program self-assessment conducted when entering MHA program; 2) MHA Candidacy Assessment conducted when applying for MHA Degree Candidacy; and 3) Post-program assessment conducted when exiting the program - MHA Competency Assessment Timeline. Students enter the competency level scores into the JAG Excel spreadsheet for tracking the competency growth throughout the program - JAG Excel Spreadsheet MHA-GSU.

2. Submit MHA Degree Candidacy Application upon completion of six of nine 7000 level MHA courses - Revised Candidacy Application Form 10-18-2021.

3. Apply no more than one course with a grade of “C+, C, or C-“toward degree requirements: When a student made a second “C+, C, or C-” in a class, the student must repeat the “C+, C, or C-” course only once to meet the degree requirements. 

For complete information on degree requirements for the Master of Health Administration, please visit our current catalog or refer to the handy Fact Sheet:

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