The Male Success Initiative (MSI) is a campus enrichment program for male students, particularly men of color, that provides professional, academic, and personal development. MSI helps participants develop a game plan for success, from orientation to graduation. The MSI is not a student club or organization and does not operate within the same framework as other organizations on campus, and as a result, the MSI focuses on encouraging student participation in any and all campus initiatives and leadership opportunities that will enhance their overall development.

The MSI program at GSU is unique in that while improved retention and graduation rates are the main impetus, it is believed that by making students aware of their strengths and talents, desired outcomes will not only be met, but exceeded.

Who should participate in the MSI?

The MSI is open to all GSU male students of color who are committed to their success no matter what. The MSI does not operate within traditional deficit model approaches. Instead, we believe in giving our students the supplemental resources needed to succeed academically, compete globally, and develop professionally. No matter where you start, if your success is important to you, then it’s important to the Male Success Initiative.

Why join the MSI?

Participants of the MSI benefit from unique and targeted on- and off-campus opportunities that contribute to their personal and professional success:

  • Participants are ENGAGED through robust and candid dialogues about identity, goals, and the barriers that tend to impede their collective and individual progress. 
    • Participants are ENCOURAGED to develop their awareness of, and exposure to, the diversity of their history and of society through cultural exploration at museum exhibits, performances, and guest speakers. 
      • Participants are EQUIPPED for academic success through curricular enhancement activities such as workshops on effective study habits and periodic monitoring of classroom progress, as well as study tables and faculty-led support sessions. 
        • Participants are EMPOWERED to realize and promote their leadership skills by giving back to the community and developing and coordinating civic engagement endeavors, on- and off-campus. 

          In addition, the MSI has access to a team of GSU staff and faculty committed to advise, counsel, and direct student participants to a multitude of resources to help prepare them for life after college.

          How do I participate in the MSI?

          The MSI accepts new participants twice a semester: during the first two weeks of the term and during the last week of the term. The MSI application will only be available during these times.

          Step 1:     Complete the MSI Application


          Step 2:     Sign up to join the MSI Text App (powered by Remind®) to receive reminders, updates and announcements: Remind Text App (enter your name and cell phone number)

          Step 3:     Register with the MSI group on Jaguar Connection (sign in to access club registration)

          If you are interested in participating in, or supporting the MSI at GSU, contact us at, call (708) 235-7619, or stop by Student Life (Rm. A-2100) for more information.