There are many opportunities for students to get involved - GSU Student Activities Council, Community Service Council and the GSU Phoenix Newspaper - register today.

The GSU Student Activities Council is a group of dedicated students who work in conjunction with Student Life to create campus programs that are timely and meaningful to students. SAC creates student events, promotes campus involvement, celebrates diversity as it represents the student voice in programming. Through this process, students receive valuable leadership skills that enrich their abilities as they enter the workplace.


All GSU students are welcome to participate in the Student Activities Council. If you are interested in creating your college experience and are committed to Putting the U in GSU, contact Konya Sledge, Assistant Director of Student Campus Programming and Traditions get engaged! 


Phone:  708.235.7609



  • GSU Student Activities Council Roster 2019


    Council Members

    Miyah Booker, Evening/Weekends Committee Chair
    Lauren Foley, Campus Events & Jaguar Treks Committee Chair
    Hajja Yamini, Spirit/Campus Traditions Committee Chair
    Graduate Assistant (open)


  • Have Fun Planning Student Events-Join S.A.C.


    Student Activities Council Meetings

     SAC meetings are open to all GSU students and are held from 1 - 2 p.m.


     Upcoming dates:

     10/10/19     B1240

     11/21/19     D1496


  • GSU Phoenix Newspaper


    The PhoenixRandall Weissman- Faculty Advisor to The Phoenix newspaper