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Here at Governors State University, we take pride in helping students achieve their goals from the time they enter college until they graduate. To that end, GSU has adopted the GSUSTAR Student Success Network. This palette of tools connects you with faculty, advisors, and GSU services in your individual success network … all at your fingertips.  Utilizing the Starfish platform, the STAR acronym represents four integral elements of this platform:

  •  Success: Studies show students utilizing Starfish are more likely to succeed. 
  • Teamwork: In a student’s network, the student, staff, and faculty work together as a team. 
  • Achievement: We acknowledge students’ achievements.
  • Recognition: We give recognition/kudos for those achievements. 

Benefits of being a GSU STAR student include: 

Success Network

Each student has a success network of faculty and staff working together to help you achieve success. Faculty and staff will send you feedback about course progress as well as kudos and stars to acknowledge accomplishments. You’ll also receive early notifications about academic issues such as midterm grades.

Connect with A Wealth of Resources — In One Place
In the GSU STAR Student Success Network, you can help maintain and support your entire academic career from one platform. Here, you can:
  • Connect instantly with faculty, staff, and services
  • View all available courses, with contact for instructors linked to each course
  • Save time and frustration when scheduling appointments. Instead of waiting for a reply email or call to see if an appointment even is available, you can view a faculty member or advisor’s calendar and make appointments instantly
  • Receive assistance from academic advisors
  • Receive midterm grades
  • Manage your classwork workflow more effectively with “to do” list reminders as well as referrals for additional support sent to you by faculty and advisors
  • View the Service Catalog, a listing of all the departments and services offered at GSU, and pertinent contact information  

Raise Your Hand

And, if you have questions or concerns about classes or academic life that you don’t see addressed, the Raise Your Hand function helps put you in touch with the right person right away.

GSU chose the GSU STAR Student Success Network program because it is a win/win: it helps you succeed and puts you in even greater control of your education at GSU. Currently, Starfish is available for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.  To join, all you need is your GSU sign-in name and password and you’re good to go. Click here to get started.

For Students

For Students

GSU STAR empowers students to be more planful and connect more meaningfully with the people and resources to help them succeed.  For information on STAR Student Resources, please click here.

For Faculty

For Faculty

GSU STAR allows faculty to communicate with students and easily connect them with campus resources.  For information on STAR Faculty Resources, please click here.

For Advisors

For Advisors

GSU STAR allows advisors to centralize communications and makes it possible to take a more holistic approach to student successes.  For information on STAR Advisor Resources, please click here.