Our Approach: Our priority is to ensure students return to and/or remain in Good Academic Standing here at GSU. Students experiencing challenges in pursuit of their degree can connect with ARC Retention support staff to obtain the tools needed to succeed. ARC Retention support staff assist students in creating a goal orientated, success plan to address any obstacles impeding on their academic and personal success.

Academic Coaching

  • In alignment with NACADA’s “Advising as Coaching” model, our academic coaching approach supports students in constructing their own personal decision making and academic, career planning.
  • We aim to assist students in establishing a success plan that builds on their existing strengths and provides connections to campus resources.
  • ARC Retention Student Support staff are equipped to provide guidance administering success strategies including, but not limited to, building effective time management, note and test taking skills, study habits

Academic Coaching is provided in both one on one & group formats. For additional information, please contact arcretention@govst.edu 

 Students who have questions about course selection and degree planning should meet with their academic advisor. Unsure who your academic advisor is? No worries, we are happy to assist in connecting you! 

  • Meet the ARC Retention Team!


    Lorena Diaz, College of Arts & Sciences[CAS] Retention Coach


    Daisy Lozano, College of Business & College of Education Retention Coach


    Lester Moody, General Studies [GENST] Retention Coach


     Kara Lester, College of Health & Human Services [CHHS] Retention Coordinator



  • Student Handbook & Academic Standing


    To learn more about academic standing requirements here at GSU, please visit: Policy 14

    Student Handbook 


  • Pathways to Academic Recovery Course


    This course provides students with the tools and resources needed to overcome challenges affecting their academic success. To learn more, please visit Pathways to Academic Recovery Course!

  • Save My Semester


    • Welcomes ALL students, no matter academic standing and is offered once each semester
    • Provides great opportunity to check-in on academic progress, brush up on success skills and establish a plan to maximize chances successfully completing your semester
    • Check Campus postings for workshop details around midterms!


  • Student Success Workshops


    Presented By ARC Retention, Student Success Workshops are open to all students seeking to enhance their academic skills this term to achieve their goals! Please RSVP for one or all to attend!  

    January: Adopting a Mindset for Success Workshop 

    Monday January 22nd, 12:30p-1:20p, Prairie Place Classroom

    Tuesday January 23rd, 1p-1:50p, Prairie Place Classroom

    Wednesday January 24th, 12:30p-1:50p, B1240

    Thursday January 25th , 1p-1:50p, Prairie Place Classroom

    February: Study SMARTER, Not HARDER Workshop  

    Tuesday February 20th, 1p-1:50p, Prairie Place Classroom

    Wednesday February 21st, 12:30p-1:50p, B1240

    Thursday February 22nd , 1p-1:50p, Prairie Place Classroom

    March: Removing Barriers to Student Success Workshop with Registrar, Financial Aid & Dean of Students

    Monday March 4th, 12:30p-1:20p, Prairie Place Classroom

    Tuesday March 5th, 1p-1:50p, Prairie Place Classroom

    Wednesday March 6th, 12:30p-1:50p, B1240

    Thursday March 7th , 1p-1:50p, Prairie Place Classroom

    April: Adulting 101 Workshop with First-Generation Center 

    Monday April 1st, 12:30p-1:20p, Prairie Place Classroom

    Tuesday April 2nd, 1p-1:50p, Prairie Place Classroom

    Wednesday April 3rd, 12:30p-1:50p, B1240

    Thursday April 4th, 1p-1:50p, Prairie Place Classroom

    April: Make It Make Cents Workshop with Tutoring Center 

    Monday April 15th, 12:30p-1:20p, Prairie Place Classroom

    Tuesday April 16th, 1p-1:50p, Prairie Place Classroom

    Wednesday April 17th, 12:30p-1:50p, B1240

    Thursday April 18th, 1p-1:50p, Prairie Place Classroom

  • Back on Track


    Supports students in successfully transitioning back to GSU. Student participants will receive correspondence to complete Back on Track program requirements from their ARC Retention Coach. For additional information and/or questions please contact  arcretention@govst.edu


  • Student Success Resource Library


    We know first hand how important it is to have the tools and resources needed to be successful. Check out our Success videos to ensure your best semester yet! 




  • Student Feedback


    I went with Mr. Moody once a week regarding my profession in my classes. He helped me stay on task and was very concerned with my progress. The suggestions he provided were very helpful.

    I learned how to manage my time and form new study habits.

    I learned that I can have someone to talk to when I feel like I’m struggling or need extra support

    I'm grateful just for making it through the Fall 2022. The team was wonderful and very helpful and encouraging.

  • Ways to Engage With Us!


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  • Contact Us!


    Email:  arcretention@govst.edu

    Location: Academic Resource Center, B1215 

    Phone: 708-235-7413