We believe that finances should never be an obstacle to your personal and professional growth.

Ways to Pay for Training

  1. 1. Direct pay with all major credit cards except AMEX
  2. 2. Private loans*
  3. 3. Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Community and Economic Development Association funding is available for those who meet eligibility requirements (low income, unemployed, underemployed). Although GSU does not provide vouchers, we honor them for our approved programs.
    1. a. Cook County Residents: https://chicookworks.org/
    2. b. Will County Residents: https://jobs4people.org/Job-Seekers/Career-Scholarships-Training
    3. c. Grundy, Livingston, Kankakee County Residents: https://glkworkforceboard.com/

For more information, please contact ContinuingEd@govst.edu.

*Private Loan Options

Educational loans for any of GSU's Continuing Education Programs may be applied for here.

  • Must apply for a minimum of $1,000.
  • After your loan approval, please reach out to continuinged@govst.edu .
  • Once loan monies have been disbursed to students there will be no refunds on tuition. If you drop the class, no refunds will be granted.


Email: ContinuingEd@govst.edu

Phone: 708.534.4099