Meet the helpful staff members of the School of Extended Learning. Contact us if you have any questions.

 Amy Barsha 2


 Amy Barsha, Executive Director

708-534-4565 ext. 4565

 Angelica Damiani


Angelica Damiani, Coordinator of Military Programs and Test Center Manager

708-534-6922 ext. 6922

Jackie Johnson


Jacqueline Johnson, Administrative Aide

708-534-3199 ext. 3199

Katie Karstensen 

Katie Karstensen, Program Coordinator

708.235.7594 ext. 7594


Akiko Ota, Intensive ESL Program Director


Akiko Ota, Intensive ESL Program Director

708-534-3143 ext. 3143

 Suzanne Patterson


Suzanne Patterson, Continuing Education Community Coordinator

708-534-4393 ext. 4393

Michelle Sebasco, External Programs Manager


Michelle Sebasco, Director of Extended Learning Academic Partnerships

708-235-3983 ext. 3983

 Kevin Smith, Director of Veterans Affairs


Kevin Smith,  Director of Veteran Affairs and Test Center Administrator                    

708-235-2223 ext. 2223


 Cynthia Staples


Cynthia Staples, Director of Corporate and Community Education 

708-534-3044 ext. 3044          

 Sharon Morrissey
Sharon Morrissey, Director of Strategic Initiatives

708-235-2812 ext. 2812 


Paige Fisher, Veteran Education Specialist

708-235- 6925 ext.6925 


Latonya Atkins, Office Support Specialist

708-235-6924 ext. 6924 

 Anna Canole, Test Specialist 

Dr. Saundra R. Mickles, Coordinator of the New Leaders Mentor Program


 Mike Hurst 

Mike Hurst, Program Coordinator of Beginning Teacher Program 

 Ed Baumgart 
Ed Baumgart, Program Coordinator of Beginning Teacher Program