Governors State is committed to student success and student retention. Satisfying prerequisite requirements greatly enhances the likelihood of passing courses, particularly those in the upper division.

Starting with fall 2018 registration, prerequisites will be electronically enforced through the registration system. A prerequisite is an academic requirement that students must complete before enrolling in a desired course. 

  • What is a prerequisite?


    A prerequisite is an academic requirement that a student must complete before enrolling in an identified course.

    Examples of prerequisites include a course, or a set of courses, a minimum GPA, or upper-division standing.

    Prerequisites are usually within the same subject or a related subject as the identified course.

  • What is a corequisite?


     A corequisite is a specific course, or set of courses, that must be taken during the same term as the identified course. Example: Enrolling in a chemistry course lecture and a chemistry lab. The lab is the corequiste of the chemistry course.

  • Why are prerequisites required?


    Prerequisites help ensure that when you enroll in a course, that you have some prior knowledge about the subject.

    Prerequisites are an indicator of student success in the identified course because it provides assurance that you are fully prepared to complete the course and its assignments.

  • When does prerequisite checking start?


    Prerequisite checking starts April 16, 2018 when students register for the 2018 fall semester.

    Students who are registering for 2018 summer term on April 16 or later, will be affected by prerequisite checking when registering.

  • Where do I find the prerequisites for a course?


    There are three places to check course prerequisite information:

    1. At
    2. The course catalog;
    3. in Search for Sections in myGSU, by clicking on the section name/title.

  • Who do I contact about prerequisite questions?


    Please contact your academic advisor for more information or questions about prerequisite checking. They are able to help you with questions and situations that may effect your registration in a particular course.

  • Have more questions?


    A more detailed Frequently Asked Questions document is available in myGSU.