Governors State University expects students to attend all classes for which they are registered. Students who drop a class they are not attending after the published refund period are financially responsible for the cost of the class. The Roster Verification reporting process has been established to ensure accurate census counts and minimize financial and academic penalties for students who never attended classes they registered for.

Governors State University will be asking all faculty to verify their class rosters during a specified time frame at the start of each term. This Roster Verification process will identify students who never attended, who will then be administratively dropped from the reported classes. This will prevent students from being charged tuition and fees for classes they never attended and will allow the University to maintain compliance with federal regulation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Jaguars Start Strong initiative?


Participating during your initial class meetings is crucial to your success as a student. This is why we want you to start strong by simply participating in your classes as soon as the semester starts.

How do I participate?


It’s easy to start strong with your Spring classes! If you have a class on campus, make sure you show up for the initial class sessions. If you have an online class, log into Blackboard, complete any introductory activity, participate in an online discussion, and engage with your professor and classmates. There are many ways to be an active participant, and you’ll be glad you did!

What happens if I don’t participate at the beginning of the term?


GovState faculty will be conducting Roster Verification. This means that if you are not actively participating in class during the first couple of weeks, you may be at risk of getting dropped from your courses, which may impact your financial aid awards.

What happens if I get dropped for not participating?


Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this, but if you happen to get dropped from a course, you’ll need to follow two general steps to re-enroll: 1) E-mail your instructor requesting permission to re-enroll. 2) If approved, forward the approval e-mail to the Office of the Registrar. Instructors may deny permissions to re-enroll, additional approvals may be required, and you may not get all of your financial aid back, so the best way to avoid this is to start strong and participate right away.

How does this impact my financial aid?


If you end up being dropped from some or all of your courses, this can impact the amount of aid that disburses to you. For example, if you drop from full-time to half-time status, you would not be eligible for awards that require you to maintain full-time enrollment.

How is this tied to federal regulations?


Federal regulations require that a school be able to document that a student began attendance, and when they ceased attendance. Students may receive financial aid only for courses where they have been confirmed attending.

If you need assistance along the way, remember to use your resources! We understand the beginning of a new semester can be stressful and we are here to help. Please be sure to contact the Office of the Registrar with any questions you may have at 708-534-4500 or RegOffice@govst.edu.

Roster Verification Tutorial

Tutorial video will be available at a later date. Please continue to check this page for updates.

Request to Re-Enroll



E-mail your instructor to ask permission to re-enroll into the course. To find your instructor's contact info, visit the Faculty Directory page.


If approved, forward the e-mail from your instructor to the Office of the Registrar for processing: RegOffice@govst.edu

Additional Information

  • • Your instructor may approve or deny your re-enrollment request.
  • • Additional approvals may be required depending on course.
  • • Re-enrollment does not guarantee full Financial Aid reinstatement.